Wednesday, December 29, 2010

If this post doesn't give you a boner I have failed

If you don't have a boner after looking at this post, either you're straight, a girl, or I failed. :( Let me know and I'll try to make up for it later....

Studs in speedos XXX

Studs in Speedos

Confession Countdown

Here it is, my Countdown Confession:

19. I like to workout because it makes me feel good about myself for a bit.

18. I try and make people talk about themselves because it makes me feel that they like me more. People like to talk about themselves.

17. I don't want to ask anyone out because I fear rejection

16. I'm scared I will never find true love

15.  I have had four girlfriends, but no boyfriends.

14. I was 19 when I kissed a boy for the first time

13. I lost my virginity on my 19.5th birthday (the exact day)

12. It took two weeks to lose my Virginity once I kissed a boy

11. I have a huge crush on my wrestling/hot/male best friend who is dating my female best friend

10. The only time I've ever had sex with someone I didn't meet online was when I lost my Virginity.

9. I'm sick of hooking up and want someone who wants to stay the night with me in his arms

8. I hate making people mad and will go far out of my way to avoid it.

7. My first threesome was with two strangers and was the second time I had sex.

6. I have no interest in topping because I don't like bringing pain to others, no matter how small

5. I get walked over and used because I find it hard to say no to someone

4. I trust and believe people too easily and that has gotten me in trouble.

3. I have low self esteem and don't agree with most of the compliments I get

2. My good friend is being abused by her father and will not let me help her

1. When I lost my virginity I was drunk, but I don't regret it

wow, that felt good to get out. thanks for listening!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Visit with Dr. Dex

so, @dexterlevi and I (@gayzachie) were fooling around, and a spontaneous role-play took place. haha, here it is:

*Stuff that doesn't matter that we're talking about*

Dr. Dex: Well let me take a look, it might be developed just enough to squeeze a little bit of juice out.
Zach: you mean pee
Dr. Dex: Sorry, I should have said milk, now come on, let's take a look. Don't be shy, no one is looking, it won't hurt a bit.
Zach: Hurt? Why would it hurt? you're scaring me, sir.
Dr. Dex: It won't hurt, you might feel a sensation, arch your back, toes may curl, breathing may accelerate, lips dry, but you'll be fine.
Zach: That doesn't sound like fun. I only curl my toes when I get a cramp or I...oh
Dr. Dex: It's OK, sometimes it appears little because it's not feeling well. We need to get it to stand up a little, see how far it can reach. Don't worry, I'll guide you though this.  Pants off, now that does seem like a little boy. Now lay down and let me see.
Zach: should I be nervous?
Dr. Dex: some people get nervous, but it's very natural so don't be afraid, ok? Now lay on your back so I can have a closer look.
Zach: Ok
Dr. Dex: To prevent chafing, I'm going to put a little lubrication, it might feel cold, but it'll warm up soon, alright?
Zach: Thanks for thinking of my needs sir.
Dr. Dex: so we're going to massage your little friend gently and see how well it develops. Does it feel all right? any sensation?
Zach: ooh! What is this?! This...ooh! Wow! wait, I'm swelling. why?!
Dr. Dex: It's because these examinations were meant to test the fullness and strength of your friend. Now moving on to the deep tissue massage....
Zach: Oh, I see sir. Carry on.
Dr. Dex: How does it feel so far? What types of sensations are you experiencing? Does it feel good? any worries or concerns? any Questions?
Zach: No sir. No questions. it feels...good. And warm, is that normal?
Dr. Dex: Yes, it's normal. I'm going to accelerate my movements, my grip will appear a bit tighter, but the sensation should intensify.
Zach: Just don't hurt me, sir.
Zach: I had a lady doctor do this once, but it didn't feel like this, why?
Dr. Dex: Ladies are not good at this, only men. It's not going to hurt. We're just going to see if we can draw milk and make sure you're healthy, ok?
Zach: Oh, Ok. I thought it was because they were gross. I don't know why. My brother loves them, weird, right?
Dr. Dex: he went to a different Doctor, you're in good, strong hands now. His Doctor had a scary thing called a Vagina. They smell like fish.
Zach: Ew. Why would he want to see someone that smelled like fish? I like how you smell doctor.
Dr. Dex: Thank you. Now, let's proceed with your examination. With all this talking, it went into hiding again, we need to bring him back out, ok?
Zach: I'm sorry doctor, please continue
Dr. Dex: You're going to feel a quick jerking motion, but it's ok. It will continue for about 10, 15 minutes ok?
Zach: Yes Doctor. The swelling is back, but oh! What was that?
Dr. Dex: Don't worry, it's looking very good. You're color is pink, which means you have a healthy blood flow, a little wetness means it's functioning properly
Zach: Oh good doctor. I'm glad. Oh, you're giving the examination to yourself I see. That's talented, two at once?
Dr. Dex: Well I have to evaluate to make sure we have similar reactions, and that you're healthy and functioning like a normal boy.
Zach: Oh, ok sir. Can I watch? I want to see if we're the same.
Dr. Dex: Let me think about that. Why don't we practice on each other? That way you don't have to be afraid, ok? Let me remove my pants, now move a little over, there you go.
Zach: oh wonderful! I've always wanted to be a doctor. Am I doing it right? It looks pretty swollen already.
Dr. Dex: With your fingers, make an O shape like this, uhmm, now put it over here, like what I'm doing to you, grip it tight, now jerk.
Zach: this is fun
Dr. Dex: Faster and harder like this. Let me know if you feel a sensation there ok. It's going to feel great.
Zach: Like this sir? Ooooh! I don't know about this. I'm starting to feel all warm inside.
Dr. Dex: any second now you're going to feel a surge or orgasmic energy down here. Your back will arch, toes may curl, eyes may roll, butt cheeks will squeeze and your body will stiffen.Zach: Sir? I... is that?...I...oh my God....Sir!!! I think...this feeling....SIR SIR SIR!!!!
Dr. Dex: *squirt* Good boy Zach, now you've got a lot of milk. You could possibly feed all the hungry boys out there. Can you possibly do this every 15 minutes?
Zach: Feed them? Should I eat it?
Dr. Dex: Don't be selfish, this is to help the poor hungry people. Remember what you're doing this for. But you can eat mine.
Zach: Yes, sir, I understand sir. am I touching you right?
Dr. Dex: Maybe you should use both hands, grip it a bit harder. Yes, just like that. Long strong strokes for 10, then fast quick strokes for 10, now repeat that six times. Yes, just like that.
Zach: Why are you touching my bum, is this part of the inspection?
Dr. Dex: Now bend down and hold both your ankles, this might get you to feed faster. I'm going to put a little lubrication in your tight pink hole, ok? It might feel a bit cold, but you'll soon feel a strong, warm dick in you. is that alright?
Zach: Yes sir, that's ok sir. As long as this is part of the inspection...oh!
Dr. Dex: Yes it is, it might hurt a bit, but just think of a happy place, where you can drink all the milk you want. It's slowly going in , don't move, it'll hurt more, yes, just like that. It's ok to moan. So tight it grips my cock like a glove. Slide in, slide out, slide in, slide out. Are you ok, Zach?
Zach: oh sir, Sir! This feeling. I love it! How do you do that?!
Dr. Dex: Im a doctor, I do this often. Now I'm going to go a bit faster, ok? This is what I call double time, here we go. Stay still, oh yes, umm, now triple. Who's your daddy? Back to double, now back to triple. oh yes... Quickly turn around and open wide. Wider. ...*squirt*  ... Here's some tasty milk for you? you like that?
Zach: Oh Doctor, you're making me feel that feeling again! Don't stop, don't stop! Ooohh!! Doctor, you make me feel wonderful.
Dr. Dex: The results of your examination provided by the rest shows that you are a very healthy young individual. You've passed the test.
Zach: Thank you Doctor! I'm so sorry I made a mess. I can't wait for my next appointment.
Dr. Dex: I will schedule your next appointment next week. We need to monitor your progress.

Haha, I hope you enjoyed as much as I did.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Workout playlist

So, a lot of you have been asking for my workout playlist so I decided to make it available to everyone. There are some mixes in there, and some good ballroom songs (Samba etc.) that are upbeat and fun, so if you can't find any of them don't hesitate to ask (comment below or message me @gayzachie)

58 Songs for 3.5 hours:

Bed intruder song (Antoine Dodson)
Around the world (Aqua)
Magic (B.o.B)
Relax (Blake McGrath)
Broken Heels (unknown)
Ice Cream Truck (Cazwell)
Took the night (Chelly)
Not myself tonight (Christina Aguilera)
Getting over you (David Guetta)
Drummer Boy (Demi Nova)
Whip it (Devo)
Let’s be friends (Emily Osment)
Superman Gotta Feeling (Eminem & Back Eyes Peas)
Love Bridge (Fergie & Lady Gaga)
Ooh La La (Goldfrap)
Live it up (Group 1 Crew)
Tightrope (Janelle Monae)
Loubitons (Jennifer Lopez)
Peacock (Katy Perry)
California Gurls
In the Middle (Kazaky)
Commander (Kelly Rowland)
E-O-Zumba-E (King Africa)
Lovegame (Lady Gaga)
Poker Face
The Fame
Boys Boys Boys
Bad Romance
Christmas Tree
Love Game (Chester French Remix)
Just Dance
Lip Gloss (lil Mama)
Fuck you (Lilly allen)
Magic Carpet Ride (No comprende edit (Mighty Dub Katz)
Calle Ocho REMIX (DjCK)
Every little thing she does is magic (The Police)
You’re not my girl (Ryan Leslie)
Carry Out (Timbaland)
Freaky Bitch (Top Flight)
G6 N’ Whatever
DJ got us falling in love again (Usher)
The time (Dirty Bit) (black Eyed Peas)
Fuck you (Cee Lo Green)
Like a G6 (Far East Movement)
Don’t get it Twisted (Gwen Stefani)
Only Girl in the World (Rihanna)
Dirty Picture (Taio Cruz)
Whip my hair (Willow Smith)


Saturday, December 11, 2010

Another Gay Video You Might Like

So, here's another gay themed video, in line with the others I posted earlier (you can find them here) I know this one isn't actually the lyrics to the original song, but it's still gay themed. If you know of any other videos like this, comment below and I'll find them and post them for us all to enjoy.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

My Bottom Role Model

Can you believe this? I love this video so much, I have watched and gotten off to it several times. I want to be like this bottom, you have no idea. Practice, practice, practice. haha. which I dont mind at all. Enjoy.

Adonis Belt