Friday, October 15, 2010

Weekly Poll

So I've decided to do a weekly poll, just to keep things interesting and fresh. This weeks poll is "What's you're favorite type of guy to pursue?" Myself? I have always been a jock type. I love the guys that take care of their bodies and make an effort to look good. That's why you'll always see me chasing one of these:

Damn! He's so hot. It's people like him (Chris Cuba) that make me go to the gym. I would love to be able to look like him, and hopefully soon, with enough hard work. I will!

If not jocks, do you prefer another type? Perhaps you like the twinks, like these two guys here:

No? they're not your type? What about bears Do you like them? This guy's hot:
Whatever your preference, there's always a guy out there for everyone. Good luck finding yours.